Pre-acceptance for U-beam punching line

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The successful acceptance of the punching line.

    Jinan Kaifeng CNC Machinery Co., Ltd is a high-tech innovation company set up by China Metal-forming Industry experts and industry veteran personsThe company designs and produces CNC sheet metal working facility, medium and heavy truck beam working facility with professional level. 

    The three-sides punching production line produced by Kaifeng has many good performances, such as exquisite appearance, stable structure, smooth operation, precise hole-position, short production cycle, strong flexibility, zero leakage of hydraulic system, etc. Kaifeng looks up to the international advanced level in the aspect of performance of Punching Production Line, and especially achieves technology breakthrough in punching high tensile strength beam, and creates new level in this field.

    Mexican and Indian experts came to Kaifeng company in April 2019  for the production of U beam three-sides punching for pre-acceptance, the total acceptance project reached nearly 200 items. Kaifeng successfully passed more than 200 acceptance standards, and is highly recognized by customers , especially the machine accuracy and productivity.

   The punching machine with 5 punching units for U-beam can run fully automatic, and realize the flexible production for heavy truck U-beam, and it can meet variety and small batch production. It greatly shortens the production cycle, and improves the enterprise market competitiveness.

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