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Pre-sale Service
Our main members from the Jinan foundry&Metalforming Machinery Research Institute, which is a state-level research institute, for the metalforming industry to cultivate a large number of experts, scholars, technical personnel. Therefore, we have a group of expert technical staff, they work in the metalforming industry, dedication for 20-30 years, leading technology, experienced. We can according to the specific situation of users, provide pre-sales consulting, to provide the most reasonable solution to meet the individual needs of users.
After-sale Service
I. solemnly commitment and strict system.
1. our company is the machine tool industry to take the lead in the ISO9001 quality system certification enterprises, equipment configuration high-end, stable and reliable operation, the normal situation will not be faulted. If the machine fails, the service personnel are guaranteed 24 hours online, through network communication to solve the problem, or send technical personnel to the customer site to service, troubleshooting.
2. the maintenance service personnel to the service to the user, must make a detailed record of the completed maintenance task, the method to solve the problem, and feedback the opinion to the unit by the user, and carry out strict control and examination to the service quality of the service staff.
II. full time service team ensures the operability of service network. for users
(1) users send operators to our company, or our company's after-sale personnel send to the buyer's factory area for operation, maintenance, maintenance and other aspects of training.
(2) after the machine tool to the user site, our company arranges the full-time staff to the user to install and debug, and training the equipment operators, until the machine can be operated independently. 
2. full time after-sales service team, which belongs to the sales department, can respond timely to the user's service requirements.
3. in order to do better work in a timely manner, the company's service team and accessories are scribed and partitioned.
4. more than 24 hours of technical service hotline to ensure user convenience and timeliness.

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